Uganda’s comedy central from [Amaruila Family] through Everything in Between to Theatre Factory.

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Amarula family are Ugandas leading stand up Comedians

[EKIMEEZA COMEDY ]–Everywhere these comedians have gone, be it in the Villages up Country or abroad in the Diaspora, the Amarula Family has left tears of joy in the eyes of their fans. As crowd’s fight to catch a glance at the awesome Amarula Group for their joint art of mirroring Uganda’s culture with such ease, the [EKIMEEZA] has either wasted no time but decided to bring them forth to our audience worldwide. Meet Allan Mujuni (Amooti) and co. including Irish Kyembandula, Paddy Ssali (Bitama), Nicholas Mpeirwe (Messe) two short men, Lumonde and Carlos imitating people freely.

In the shadows of Amalula Family a lot of Comics have risen from the dust of Kampala Street and the Hall ways of power, Men and women politicians alike, have certainly become comedians. It’s just a matter of time before your ribs get cracked for a while. Someone to get entertained in Uganda today, you may just have to remain glued on your TV or radio for a news bulletin and then you may laugh you head to pain. This Implies that for one to watch or enjoy Comedy, you don’t need to go to comedy clubs alone you can catch it anywhere.

This might not be in a comedy theatre alone but most cases comedy has been brought beyond the National Theatre to people’s couches back home through Television and Radio as both Politicians and career comedian do what seems like a nature gift to them. What is funny about Comedy in Uganda today, Is that the Politicians are probably Uganda’s most priceless comic talents at hand, whose style of playing politics has defied logic beyond description. Many speak and act like they are casting something of a movie thriller. Let’s take a look at some of these visuals. Enjoy.

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